hello! we are Soda 85

I remember this idea being in my head for more than 3 years now. It took me that long to realize it but I’m happy it only took me that much time. I’ve always wanted my own business, but the WHAT is always the hard part. So I told myself, I’m just going to keep saving up until a business opportunity comes up. My friends and I brainstormed on a couple of ideas but none of them really pushed through. I kept waiting and waiting until it got really frustrating.

For a whole year, I kept telling my mastermind group that I wanted more out of life but didn’t know where to start. So I kept beating myself to come up with a solution to my frustrations. Nothing came up! Until two months ago.

you just gotta do it

I like the saying, “all in good time”. That’s why it took me all 3 years before I can take that first step into realizing the idea. In the middle of all the confusion and frustration, I pulled myself together and took a breather. I told myself, maybe I was looking at this “start your own business” thing in a different angle. So I changed my perspective. How? I started analyzing the questions I was asking myself and came up with new ones. This was the first step to realizing that business idea sitting in my head.

what do you see yourself doing for a long time?

 love to work. I used to be a workaholic until I found a way to balance it all out. I started out as a freelance writer and just after a few months, there was an opening for a copy editor position. This is where I learned most about content marketing. This was 9 years ago. All those 9 years I’ve worked with a few digital marketing agencies learning all the skills and tools that I use now like strategic web design, SEO, and content marketing. 

So the two questions I asked myself were,

“what do you want to do for a long time?” 

and “what are you good at?”.

My answers were simple, I love to work and I love working with a passionate team. And that I love what I’ve been doing, that I’m really good at it, and that I love helping clients. I happen to know the best team to work with and started making moves. Right. Away.

soda 85, realized

It took us around 6 weeks total since that time with the questions and today. And we feel a great sense of pride with what we came up with.

Welcome to Soda 85. We are a team of professionals who love solving online business marketing problems that face small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs. When you’re stuck and want help to grow your business online, just call us!

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